Tel Aviv

Street Art Tour

Graffiti and street art have come a long way since being considered criminal acts, vandalism, or simply "white noise" in the urban landscape. 

Allow The Norman to help you uncover this side to Tel Aviv's cultural landscape with a tour that shows you the pieces by street artists that sit in galleries & exhibitions and appear in art fairs. The Graffiti & Street Art tour tracks the changes that have occurred in Tel Aviv's graffiti and street art scene, induced by its acceptance by the art establishment. You will consider some interesting ideas and thoughts on this fantastic tour; such as, the difference between graffiti and street art and the ways a street art exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art affect graffiti in the Florentin neighborhood.

Contact our Concierge for this eye opening and thought provoking tour of Tel Aviv. 

Grafitti Tour

The Kiryat Hamlacha district in south Tel Aviv is considered the vibrant creative center of the city. Its streets are covered with graffiti and street art of all kinds and is home to many artists' studios and art galleries, as well as some of the city's main art institutions. 

This Graffiti & Street Art tour is a fascinating trip through the heart of the "industrial zone" of Tel Aviv's contemporary art scene. On the tour you will discover more pieces by known street artists as well as by new up-and-coming artists.

You will be introduced to a variety of art spaces and learn about the connection between art and the street. 
To discover the alternative side of Tel Aviv in its own creative and cultural hub, contact our Concierge for more details.

Gallery tour

The art galleries located near the western end of Gordon Street in Tel Aviv have been in business for the last 40 years and still set the tone in local contemporary art. They house some of the most Interesting, well-known and successful Israeli artists.

An intimate tour of Gordon, Givon and N&N Aman art galleries arranged by The Norman allows you to explore the latest trends in Israeli art.

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